The honours list appears to be for self-service

The News of the World scandal is set to run and run. Now we flash back to 2006 when Lord MacDonald as Director of Public Prosecution was told by his own employees that hacking was rife. Not only did he choose to turn a blind eye, he ended up being hired by the paper.
It seems a day doesn’t go by without one of m’lords or knights being found on the fiddle. So what are honours for? Usually the blurb mutters something about some noble sounding venture that these supposedly selfless beings have been involved in. Then it emerges they’ve had their hand in the till all along. Clearly we need an Order of the Duck House in recognition of their achievements in playing the system. After all Capitalism is all about self aggrandisement, looking after the self and bugger the consequences.
Earlier rumblings about our cash-strapped leaders began investigating “cash for amendments” although promised investigations didn’t reveal the equivalent of the duck house here. The way things are going that’s just around the corner.

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