Council House doors slammed shut in face of disabled protestors

Those assembled to protest against cuts in benefits and services to the most vulnerable of their citizens found Birmingham Council House doors shut firmly against them. Why was no sitting councillor out there? Are they too ashamed to show their faces. I was once proud to represent this City but I could not have sat inside and ignored these people.
Although courts have ruled against City Council decisions it seems they are prepared to tough it out. I went to a review of an elderly woman who is disabled the social workers involved falling in with the lie “this is nothing to do with the cuts, this client has been over-provided for.” Evidently someone had come in and whizzed round with a stop watch reminiscent of a factory scene in I’m alright Jack when the workers were timed and given impossibly short times for their tasks. In this case it involves using the toilet or swallowing and digesting their food. 1984 has nothing on this.

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