Birmingham City leaders pour contempt on Handsworth Wood residents

A treasured local amenity, Hawthorn House, has been auctioned off by Birmingham City Council against the express wishes of local residents. This makes Handsworth Wood a virtually amenity-free zone. It is reported that it will become a private residence.
I reported earlier on a campaign to save Hawthorn House from being sold off. There were attempts to form trusts, however since these appeared to be under the control of individuals there was some concern about the property remaining available to the public in perpetuity. Cllr Randall Brew who was overseeing the sale of property, including Hawthorn House and Milton Grange, also in Handsworth Wood. Handsworth Wood Residents’ Association wrote to him repeatedly to ask what was happening but got not so much as an acknowledgement. Contempt for Handsworth Wood residents, who fought for Hawthorn House to become a local amenity several years back, runs deep.
Interestingly the local Tory candidate in this year’s local election in May has just issued a leaflet supporting the retention of Hawthorn House. Ironically the buyer of Hawthorn House is another hopeful candidate seeking Labour Party nomination for Handsworth Wood Ward against the sitting councillor, Gurdial Singh Atwal. Mr Sandhu I understand was at one time interested in saving Hawthorn House for the community. Perhaps his intention is to present it to us. If he has seized it for personal use then the local electorate needs to know in case he is selected as Labour Party candidate next May. I hear he has the support of Perry Barr MP, Khalid Mahmood. Khalid was a prominent speaker at the “Save Hawthorn House” campaign.

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