Libya. Already out of hand.

Every debacle the US and NATO enters soon becomes a quagmire where it becomes impossible for them to free themselves. The much proclaimed “we are there to protect civilians” has become as sick a comment as can be imagined. We don’t have to go back to Korea or Vietnam, but the still active forays into Iraq and Afghanistan show what we can expect in the next victims. So far Iran and Syria have not had the full treatment, although we can imagine there is much activity on the ground as there was undoubtedly in Egypt as it emerges the new regime is a much in hoc to US imperialism as the old.
So now we have daily reports of extensive civilian casualties that NATO et al are meant to protect, a Channel 4 report is particularly horrifying. Today one of Gaddafi’s sons is dead and three of his grandchildren. The claim is that a “military target” was bombed. It so happened that Gaddafi himself was there. Presumably the three children are civilians, so what was the real purpose of this attack?
Russia Today believes that Gaddafi’s intention to introduce a gold currency us a likely reason for the west to round on him. This was in conjunction with the African Union and other Arab states with the prospect that payment for oil would be demanded in gold. This is not a prospect that the credit-ridden world of Capitalism could countenance.

Comment by Fidel Castro.

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  1. Palani

    Make no mistake, I will be happy to see him go but dictators do not gain power in a vacuum. They always have the support, of perhaps not the majority (which arguably the clerics in Iran do have) but at least a powerful minority. Iraq is a recent example of what happens when a powerful minority is violently excluded from the political process. What will happen in Libya? And even if it does go as smoothly as can be expected, what system will replace Gadaffis? We can’t assume the desires of a few English speaking Libyans the media finds represent the desires of the entire population (again see Iran for confusing the desires of the young, english speaking, internet browsing youth with the majority of a rural, very conservative population).As for people who bleat on about evil NATO serving the oil overlords, well their naiveness is only exceeded by their ignorance.


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