Kinda sums up where we are in the Middle East. Nowhere.

In The Independent Robert Fisk summarises where we are in the Middle East, in his view, after the Netanahyu visit to Washington and Obama’s response (virtually caving in – although his mild rebukes cost him an estimated $10,000,000 in donations from this source).
Not quite sure about Fisk’s response to Libya. Yes it can be lumped together with other regimes for deaths of its own citizens but Libya is in another camp when it comes to ownership of oil reserves. So western intervention takes a different slant when dealing with Libya than it does Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. We hear that Britain is among those training the oppressors of those fighting for “democracy and freedom”, which Cameron, Obama and western leaders say they want. We know what they’re after, which, as in Iraq, is oil. Bugger democracy.
The blind eyes of what is going on in Israel/Palestine continues apace from both politicians and the media. With the internet there are daily reports of atrocities as Israeli forces continue to bully unarmed and courageous Palestinian villagers with state of the art weaponry, much of it supplied by US and other “democratic” states.

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