Death of Bin Laden and symbolism in the U.S.

It is sad and ironic that the present President of the United States lends himself so easily to ideas that are loaded in meaning in the history of that nation, but everyone thought and supposed he would challenge. The idea that things would change was deliberately nurtured in the run for the presidency, but there is nothing here that the hugely discredited George W. Bush and his right coterie would not have delighted in.

Mondoweiss explains
the deep significance in the code “Geronimo” used for Bin Laden and the abbreviation EKIA (Enemy Killed In Action). Are the wars against the American Indians still held as a glorious part of U.S. history? Is this an explanation of what is continuing they ask as the US goes along with Israel in dealing with the Palestinian territories? It’s not Bin-Laden that is the root cause of terrorism but the continuing oppression of people nowhere more apparent than in the US dominated Zionist state, something many, if not most, Jewish people in the world abhor. You can even get the tee-shirt JerUSAlem!
Writing in Granma Fidel Castro also reminds the US of some home truths apparently forgotten in the triumphalism of the moment. Of course Obama has his eye on the prize and is claiming a just reward for what George W. singularly failed to do.
Bin Laden? Well the video clips give an image rather different to that the media have promoted, a rather sad elderly figure who even now the U.S. continues to claim is a source of immense power. Is this correct? If so who has been the source of this? Didn’t the United States and allies do his work for him in building the idea of the need for a war on terror? A fall guy was badly needed after the fall of Communism and this ramshackle being was the unlikely answer to the politicians’ need.

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