The Nuclear Lobby

Information on the latest of incidents in Japan in the history of nuclear panic is emerging slowly and in a variety of versions. The Japanese government is advising people to close to the stricken power stations to stay indoors and to close windows. People of Tokyo are said to be unconcerned. Is that so? Governments of other countries such as UK and France are advising nationals to leave pronto. What do they know?
Much about Chernobyl was kept under wraps so as not to discredit the nuclear industry elsewhere. An earlier “accident” at the former Windscale plant in the UK in Cumbria was reported as a minor problem at the time. Although the British government went as far as renaming the reactor to help air brush memories away. The truth has taken longer to emerge. The “incident” was close to a major disaster.
We know that politicians past and present are involved in the “revolving door” joining powerful multinationals as advisers. We don’t want nuclear power, it’s dangerous for us and for our children. Those we elect are soon bought off with lucrative offers to exert influence on governments. The nuclear lobby is alive and well. You bet it will put a gloss on Japan.

India is another so-called “democracy” where decisions are foisted on people whatever they think. GM crops and nuclear reactors are examples and there are proposals to build more in earthquake prone areas. Local people would like your support!

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