Egypt. Where does it begin or end?

The Independent reports the wisdom of an elder who has seen everything that has been going on for years and is able to sum up in a few words. “The young are wiser than us” he says.
How the attitudes of outsiders changed is discussed in an article in the Morning Star.
Mubarak may still waltz off with billions unless quick and decisive action is taken internationally. It belongs to the Eqyptian people, not him personally, but as we have seen with the bankers getting your hands on money, whoever it legitimately belongs to, can make, or break you, personally. These are the arbitrary rules of Capitalism which explains how it will repeatedly reach crisis point.
As an uprising for freedom in one country inspires others, even the seemingly impregnable fortress of Capitalism, the USA is not immune as Noam Chomsky reveals.
Al Jazeera comment.
Fidel Castro in Granma 14/02/2011
Tarik Ali in the Guardian.

Background to events in 2011.

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