Big Society a cover for “cuts”. Cuts a euphemism for a war on the people.

David Cameron says that the “Big Society” idea gives “power to the people” just as wealth is being hived off. Financiers and their services continue to mint it while the people lose their jobs and services while being told that Thatcher’s TINA has made a come back.
The realisation that dictatorial government doesn’t work is only slowly dawning, although not in Britain. Students took he lead in resisting the pernicious hike in tuition fees. Th Toies don’t seem to wonder how their LibDem partners can hold down opposition from the party that pledged to protect education. As local councils are flailing around trying to do the unthinkable there have been stirrings among the yellow bird throng. Maybe the parrot is not yet so dead.
(In Birmingham the LibDems are more Tory than the Tories, willingly cutting jobs and services as if there’s no tomorrow. In fact they are making bloody sure there isn’t!)
What has been happening around the world, in Greece a few months back, in Tunisia. but above all in Egypt, is seen as inspirational by many. March 26th in London will note the calls for democracy which the so-called “cuts” so blatantly deny.

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