Cuba brings hope to Haiti

Fidel Castro reports the success of the medical brigades working in earthquake, hurricane, and now, cholera ridden and tormented society. The news is astounding. Cuba, small and restricted as it is, is able to treat cholera patients and prevent deaths occurring.
Cholera, it has been reported, was introduced from outside from among the legions who turned up to give aid. Haiti’s people have suffered from years of exploitation leaving poverty while surrounded by unparalleled wealth creation.
While Castro reports Cuba’s achievements in his low key article in Granma are his claims substantiated elsewhere? According to a Reuters Report, on the ground it is the Cubans that others turn to first, although this is not made known widely. The world of wealth is not about to admit that it might just have some things like it’s values and ideology all wrong. Keep up the profits by exploiting the likes of Haiti (which Cuba has successfully resisted for over 50 years and inspired others in the southern parts of the Americas) while these lives, the poor, are expendable.
Those Haitians who have encountered Cuban care recognise who their carers are.

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