Battered Birmingham is the template for the “Big Society”

Already facing sweeping job losses Birmingham City Council hasn’t yet begun to divest itself of a workforce essential in supporting Birmingham citizens and Council Tax payers. According to the Birmingham Post this is seen as the template, the goal and achievement of the ConDem administration. The Liberal Democrats have already demonstrated in Birmingham their willingness to throw over all their policies, promises and principles if they can smell the slightest whiff of power. What power is left them is difficult to see. We have full blown Tory doctrine dropped on us because they have allowed themselves to follow like sheep to the slaughter.
The idea or wish is for services to transfer to volunteers, neighbours or whoever is out there to pick up the pieces, a hit and miss idea if ever there was one. If this was a socialist based society with an ideology different to the individualism, selfishness and greed which Thatcher and her followers propagated then it might stand a chance of working. The money saved from withholding services will end up in the bulging pockets of those who have already seized vast amounts of our wealth for their own well being. Where is the “big society” for them? Are they part of it? Maybe they’ll spare a few coppers in the charity box to assuage their conscience and carry on regardless.

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