This country (GB) is rich, but more and more is going into the pockets of the likes of Goldman Sachs

Since New Labour went a long way down the line, it’s relatively easy for the ConDems to continue the process of privatising public services without much opposition, politically that is. The beginnings of unrest and opposition are now beginning to show starting with students and some of the unions. The class war is continuing apace.
As I’ve said repeatedly even Thatcher didn’t say much about privatisation of prisons. even though the march to privatisation of public services was marked out under her witch-like hold on power. Now we see the first NHS hospital surrender to the private sector with, yes, a former banker at the helm. And from Goldman Sachs, so often a name behind financial chaos as adviser to governments, including notably Greece and Britain. (Gordon Brown referred to them as “wicked”, but didn’t acknowledge this fact!)
So in the health service, in education with the so-called “free” schools we see taxpayers money disappearing at an ever increasing rate into corporate coffers swelling profits. At the same time social measures designed to support the most needy are being slashed without mercy. The “them and us” rhetoric keeps emerging although the Tory Toff who leads the ConDem coalition wishes it didn’t. It’s just too revealing, but it’s his nominees, close mates in the Lords, who won’t keep their traps closed.

I hear that 1,000s have taken to the streets in Ireland protesting about bailouts. But what’s this? Here’s a (b)*anker who bailed out to join a tobacco firm making a nice little earner. The rich have certainly cocooned themselves from the damage of their creation leaving working people to foot the bill, loosing their essential services on the way.
The news is coming in that people are not going to sit idly by to watch the loss of their benefits, services and jobs as the finance sector amass fortunes on their backs, so 100,000 turn out in freezing Dublin while others march in Glasgow against the fascism that the police are saying “is not their problem” – are they sympathisers with the far right
Socialist Labour Party meeting. Wrexham, 10/11/2010. Ken Capstick.

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