Right to Work Rally in Birmingham

I went into Birmingham to see the demonstration against the proposed cuts that the Tory/Lib-Dem Coalition propose attacking the most vulnerable people in society. Tories will be Tories but how do the Lib-Dems manage to hold their heads up. Their shame should be deep as the crawl away into hiding.
Banners were in evidence from across the country and there was a range of speakers, among them Salma Yaqoob, Respect Councillor in Birmingham.
Earlier I had turned to the Tory Party Conference at the NCC just to see an empty stage. It seemed as if it was all happening outside, Not that there was much coverage in the press. The Birmingham Post included a brief report while the Morning Star quickly made the demonstration its lead story.

Hard to find reference to the demonstration in much of the press. The Express led on the involvement of a “leading Labour MP”, John McDonnell. Otherwise Labour was notable for its absence in the class struggle. With Ed Milibilly refusing to support strike action what is left at Westminster? In many ways this is a ConDem/Lab coalition against working people. Ed might have made the Union vote but just as quickly he has run for cover. Red Ed? As he said his father would not have recognised it and neither do we.

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