One rule for me. The rest of you can eff off, and this comes from a New Lab MP!

First our jobs now our pensions. While one group massages their salaries and pensions upwards and onwards into phone book numbers these bastards tell us that ours are unaffordable. We pay to keep them in their rarified existence by having to work longer and increase our payments. It’s the public purse we are reminded. Well who has bailed out the banks and financial institutions that created the economic crisis? Their hard work? That’s what they’ll have us believe and they’ve got the craven media to go along with it.
A Con Dem coalition? Where does Lord ******* Hutton come from? Isn’t he a Labour politician? Didn’t their new leader get a union vote to get there? First thing he did was to tell his electors he doesn’t support strike action. Has he said anything about attacks on their pensions? “Red Ed”? Ha bloody ha. The coalition against the working class is Con Dem LAB, virtually the whole of the Westminster clique. The whole edifice is in the pocket of corporate interests. They alone decide our future, poisoning the planet as they pay themselves fancy sums, feeding us on genetically modified but profitable toxic food, contaminating and withholding water supplies and so on. They want bigger and better wars as they back up the arms and nuclear industry. And there stands Lord Hutton with his boots blacked. He was once voted in by Labour voters but who can get rid of him now? How? The rest of us can rot in hell. Class traitor? What do you mean?

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