It’s Vested not the National Interest that the ConDems are about

Andrew Mitchell’s name crops up in today’s Observer. Is this the first time? Evidently £40,000 arrived on his desk for smoothing the way for a cocoa smuggler from Ghana. He’s International Development Secretary so he’s found himself in just the right job to play the fiddle and develop his own interests.
A socialist MP noted when he arrived in parliament that a pile of invitations awaited him before he’d got his feet under the desk with offers exceeding the parliamentary salary which he refused, preferring a working person’s wage. It’s not just the Tories who find the built in system hard to resist. New Labour’s unwritten slogan has been “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em.” The likes of Blair, Mandelson et al have enriched themselves as a result. while two Labour peers have handed out reports that have made smaller pensions payable at a higher age (not theirs though) and removed caps for higher education fees (again won’t effect their ability to pay for their kids).
So if you feel that you’ve done your bit putting a cross in the right place on a piece of paper and that these guys are going all out for your interests time to take stock. They will and do take inducements of corporate lobbyists rather more seriously than the cross you put against their name, as they consider what is in their best interests, not yours.

Oh yes, his mate, Anthony Ward, aka “Chocfinger” the guy he helped has made millions out of speculation and dodgy deals. His company have long been making donations to the Tory Party:
“Ward made headlines in July when he made a huge bet on cocoa through his Armajaro Holdings hedge fund, buying £650m worth.
The deal, the single largest of its kind in 14 years, earned Ward the nickname “Chocfinger”. His wealth is estimated at £36m.”
Source Guardian.

One thought on “It’s Vested not the National Interest that the ConDems are about

  1. Irma

    It’s interesting that Labour got over 25% in a seat where we have not put up a cadtinade since 2003 and in a part of the country where you would not think there would be that much support. Just shows the value of putting up a cadtinade in every seat!


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