Cameron says he “should have warned us”. Yes about his government..

The lone figure of George Osborne droning on slouched against the lectern, the stage empty looked as depressing as the ConDem government. Universality of benefit seems to be another of the enshrined pillars of British society which is best left untouched. The handling of the announcement of the ending of universality of child benefit has opened Pandora’s box.
The big idea of “The Big Society” looks to going down the tubes with the benefit as the tour to promote it is cancelled. Evidently the first meeting ended in uproar due to the announced cuts. At least the Labour Party Conference had the drama of the New New Labour Leader and it seems that this Tory one on Birmingham is a gift to Ed Milibilly, or Ed the Red – as he manifestly isn’t.
A third article in this morning’s Grauniad offers another thought: that it is Tony Blair’s ghost that is haunting our politics. As with Thatcher, whose heir he remains, how do you exorcise the bugger?

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