In war there are no civilians

The death of Rachel Corrie in Israel demonstrates a universal truth: in war there are no civilians. Continually the Israeli government displays contempt human life. Palestinians are particularly at risk of course. Imprisoned in Gaza and the West Bank they have little choice but international activists who show support in peaceful demonstrations are likely to come under fire as Rachel and Tom Hurndal exemplify. Not that Israeli citizens can expect absolute protection. Those workers in the now elderly and dangerous nuclear plants exposed to radiation get no sympathy. They are told to shut up or expect the treatment handed out to Mordechai Vanunu.
But look our economies are dependent on corporations which include the arms industry. Military spending sustains the U.S. economy, as it does other states. I suspect Israel is one of them. Other large corporations cash in on servicing the wars in a civilian capacity, an area of expansion which has led to huge controversy as armed civilians kill and maim. There are no rules of engagement. (Not that you’d notice they exist in combat anyway).

While the world debates environment, humanity, saving the planet, quite the opposite is happening as those on the make go on their own sweet and merry way coining in for their immediate comfort. No concerns with shortages of food and water. To the contrary they are probably creating the situation as giants like Coca-cola use scarce resources to make their poisonous products and other giant retailers commercialise the production and marketing of food, again probably harmful to us. There’s no end to it. Clearly civilians are not getting the best deal, war or peace

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