Ed Milibilly wins. You’d think there had been a revolution from right wing reaction

Against expectations Ed Milibilly has won the leadership battle of the Labour Party. That won’t please Mandelson and the New Labour group that expected the Second Coming with Milibilly D. in charge as the Blair look-a-like candidate.
Well I suppose it’s better than nothing but what transpires we’ll wait and see. I watched videos of Ed and then Diane talking to Polly Toynbee who is not renowned as a walkover. If the Murdoch dominated press fear Ed what would they have done if Abbot had waltzed in? The interview is certainly more impressive than the weekly sofa sessions with Portillo. If I was in the Labour Party I would have voted for her – I didn’t vote for Blair. It was Margaret Beckett when the choice was TB, Prescott and her. Thought she did reasonably well when she took up the acting leadership role following John Smith’s sudden demise. One point Abbot makes is that the resources available to Milibillies et al weren’t available to her, so you need the cash to get elected in Labour as anywhere else!
Socialism – it used to be the word “Communism” that scorched the page – is there a likelihood? Capitalism is so discredited yet the media-frenzied climate makes it difficult to even bring the obvious alternative up for discussion. When do you see a serious Socialist included on Question Time when Dimblebum shuts up anyone in the audience who dares to start out in that direction. In the past few elections it has been exceedingly tough to get a word in edgewise. I found this at the self-proclaimed “left” group Compass conference with Polly Toynbee once again to the fore batting off any mention of the S word.
Don’t know what Ed’s attitude will be to treatment of Palestinians. David followed Blair’s tolerance. Many Jewish people hate the fascist Israeli government but not Milibilly D. All seemed fair and square to him.

There are going to be pages of comment on this and that on what Milibilly E. thinks – or what those who think for us say he thinks. Be good if a few of their worst nightmares are realised but chance will be a fine thing.
See what I mean: Daily Mail “Red Ed”

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