Chavez wins but is under pressure

Hugo Chavez has retained power in Venezuela but the opposition gained seats. Western media had put up a long and sustained battery of disinformation and caricature of him. This was inevitable given the challenge to the “Evil Empire” which has always sought to dominate what it regards as its own backyard.
That the US is intent on exporting terrorism rather than combating it is illustrated in an article about Cuba. The “Cuban Five” have long since been holed up in US prisons when their crime was to uncover a terrorist plot in the US, but since it was against Cuba it was OK and the criminal perpetrators remain free.
Election day itself is said to have gone smoothly. Given the passion and polarisation that is portrayed it has to be said that this is a considerable achievement with a turn out of around 70%. While there is talk of the “Bolivarian Revolution” it has to be recognised that this is a democratic process. Since governments and media in the west shout and bawl about its importance it does not get recognition if the regime doesn’t suit. Witness Honduras when the US backed a coup against the legitimately elected but left-wing Zelaya, with Hilary Clinton included a visit to the new regime approving what had taken place. In Palestine Hamas gets no recognition for having been voted into power democratically.

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