Alan Rudge, the ultimate Victorian

Birmingham City Council seem to have a knack of putting the unlikeliest people in charge of a key area of its operations: human resources and equality. When I was serving on Birmingham City Council Cllr Rudge joined the Lawrence enquiry under Judge Ray Singh. Equality it then appeared was something he had little time or inclination for. Who then better for the ConDem “progressive” regressive partnership to place in charge of its work force.
And now it’s pay cut time for the lowest paid, but key personnel in terms of care for the most vulnerable in our society. Victorian times are back under the Scrooge-like figure of Alan Rudge.
At the monthly council meeting I used to dread the time Rudge – more like Drudge – rose to pontificate on this matter or that, I never understood a word as he droned on in a monotone for what seemed an age. We grew visibly older and greyer by the hour. So put such a character without an ounce of imagination up for the job and works’ done. These are Tory values with a capital “T” but the Lib Dems seem to relish being better still in rivalling them. Now with both local and national government we having a winning combination. Take the shirts off the backs of working people, close down public services for the most vulnerable in society. Rudge is in charge of equality. Shouldn’t that read “inequality”?

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