News black out as US and Israeli flotilla head for Iran

An Israeli source is reporting that US warships and an Israeli vessel have been allowed through the Suez canal by Egypt. Can’t be true, the world leaders are all in Canada talking economics with environment as an afterthought. Then there’s the World Cup, Wimbledon to keep us all happy – or not.
Looking at headlines, the Observer tells about Lib-Dem unhappiness with the Condem coalition which at least half the voters think is unfair. Danny Alexander disagrees. Both the Independent and Washington Post are tied up in Afghanistan, the one telling how McChrystal was warning dire things about the progress of the war, the other how it is stressing out the military leadership. BBC looks at the BA cabin crew action. Meanwhile the ships sail silently almost unnoticed for a showdown with Iran. Not news? Somewhere there is a well organised conspiracy going on.
This is not to say that it has been unnoticed entirely. Lots of rumours and the hope that the story isn’t true. I hope so too.

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