Lib-Dem opportunism comes home to roost after 20% VAT is announced

It’s only half of Lib Dem supporters saying that they won’t be there to vote for the party next time round following the opportunism of putting Tories into power nationally. In Birmingham and Wolverhampton we’ve had fair warning at their propensity for cutting essential services and amenities, so many held back from giving them support.
The Tories for their part hugely enjoy putting the Lib Dems forward as they savage the economy putting forward schemes that will implement their long cherished desires to emasculate the state. Thus when Osborne was telling us how this was to be done in gory detail it was Clegg and Alexander (the “bag carrier’s bag carrier”) who flanked him. Uncharacteristically for a politician of such rank as Cameron was out of sight. Not far away the other side of Clegg. And the Lib Dem leaders fall for it again and again. The faint scent of power proved too much and cost a fortune: the promised electoral reform to bring in a fair system of voting and the promise “never” to allow a rise in VAT. Since working people have found themselves betrayed by New Labour after ditching Clause 4 and intensifying anti-trade union legislation it was the Lib Dems who could have offered support. Now it’s clear they are substitute Tories the elite group who have found they can get away with manipulating the financial world know they can manipulate all three parties. We might have the vote but nowhere the power. That belongs to the lobbyists representing powerful, corrupt and unaccountable interests. You want peace, non-toxic and healthy environment and food, renewable sources of energy excellent education and health for all? Well don’t come here. They want more sophisticated weaponry, nuclear power, genetically modified crops and private firms to provide essential services. All of them are at it as New Labour showed. Out of desperation they weren’t supported. Except in Birmingham and Wolverhampton there was the realisation that things weren’t any better with public services and jobs cut and the most vulnerable having to pay the bill.

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