Get your tee shirt. Yes an Israeli firm is flogging them to show the cosiest of relationships: jerUSAlem. Alternatively you can have a “Mossad” design, or one saying “America, Don’t Worry, Israel is behind you” – which would worry me most. The Israeli government murders international civilians on the high seas and I’m straining to hear a murmur from the White House. Camerlegg have been similarly quiet. While I’m quite clear what the front legs of this pantomime horse stands for not so for the hind quarters, which appears to be par for the course according to a survey in the Independent. What do Lib-Dems stand for, apart that is from gross opportunism? Lobby fodder par excellence!
The catalogue of events where Israel has failed, and continues to fail to uphold the law is long, as is the list of apologists. Governments and media repeatedly minimise the outrageous behaviour while public opinion demonstrates very different feelings of revulsion. It seems that terms like “terrorism”, “God” – and now “Lib-Dem” – are ones that can be used to mean anything you like and hence justify even the most vile criminal acts when committed by those with power to rule over us. The Washington Post itself taking a laid back approach reports the extent to international revulsion against Israel with USA receiving criticism as it continues it cautious public stance.
Israel is now deporting those it kidnapped, trying to get them to sign a document saying that they entered Israel illegally. They retorted that they had no intention of going to Israel but were bound for Palestinian territory. Many reported brutal treatment and denial of basic necessities by the Israeli personnel. Meanwhile another aid ship, MV is continuing to head for Gaza.

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