Has Liam Byrne got a brain?

Just seen Liam Byrne’s website and noticed he was backing David Miliband for leader. He who left a joke memo saying “we have run out of money” and putting a nail in the coffin of the Midland Metro. He who demanded his cup of coffee and snacks to a deadline. He who defined Britishness as “a cup of tea” and “fish and chips” in the immigration debate. As for the leadership, why not bring back Tony Blair? Miliband is pro-Zionist and will go along with any of Israel’s appalling strategies.
Thankfully others have noticed that the main rivalry for leadership of Labour is among 40+ white males who have all be tainted by the former leadership which led Labour to defeat. John McDonnell on the other hand has fallen out to support Diana Abbott so she will get a chance of getting nominated. David Miliband is one of her nominees, so don’t know if that is a plus or minus for her!
Andy Burnham is saying the New Labour leadership “was elitist” as if that was a minor blip. The whole party, along with the political machine favours an elite so what does Andy propose? It’s not a superficial shuffling of personnel that will make the difference. Get Miliband and Byrne might stand a chance of getting back. A number have said that Mandelson won’t be there. You bet?

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