Dudley needs the EDL like a hole in the head

A group of us went by bus from Birmingham and walked through the almost deserted, boarded up Dudley town centre. We joined the UAF multicultural celebrations. Individual police I spoke to were friendly and helpful. On a couple of occasions focus went away from the square as it seemed that EDL supporters might have infiltrated the area. Don’t know how given the police presence. I saw two white youth being escorted away from the perimeter of the UAF event. I had no clue there had been any violence until I saw the EDL contingent on the news.
Yes I fell desperately sorry for Dudley traders and residents. The town centre should have had a good trading day but this was denied. By the presence of the EDL who are now promising to return every four weeks. Well their “free speech” has now been exercised. Have they any more to say? They are likely to vomit their venom with more force with the risk of violence and damage to people and property. They showed once again they can’t control their contingent. Not only the police but the UAF stewards took full control of the considerable number who took the trouble to come. Residents of Dudley expressed their genuine appreciation that we cared enough to show support, My old friend Kurshid Ahmed, who formerly worked in Birmingham, is fully involved with the Mosque and rubbished the idea it was a “super mosque”. It is a community venture supporting people who have come to Dudley and helped revive some parts of the town that have been struggling against economic downturn. Not only should they be welcomed, they should be seen as a necessary part of the evolving development of the area.

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