What it takes, The US finally criticises Israel!

The Israeli government has finally managed to get the US administration to show a sign of frustration with its arrogant, self indulgent behaviour. It took some doing. Would you believe they announced the expansion of settlements in East Jerusalem when VP Joe Biden was in town, I had thought, according to earlier reports, that Biden had fallen over backwards, turned himself inside out, to indicate to the Israelis he was with them.
Even at this stage Biden is contriving to sound conciliatory and continued to make war-like noises threatening Iran. However the rebuke has been triggered by the settlement issue, always a precondition for peace talks between Israel and Palestine authorities, where even the enormities of Gaza, still emerging, failed to elicit a squeak.

Anyway take yourself off to Israel for an MA in Government Studies, which includes a module on “counter-terrorism” . This is a must for all would-be terrorists. Just think what you could learn about stealing identities to be able to assassinate your chosen target. Trips to Dubai and Munich.

One thought on “What it takes, The US finally criticises Israel!

  1. Carlos

    nothing. Poor and blacks dsepospuly dying of thirst after Katrina? The voters of La threw out the DEMOCRATS that ran the state and city that had MORE responsibility in that failed disaster relief than Bush did. Where is your anger, and where was Biden’s, for the Democrats that failed in Louisiana? Or is everything the Republican’s fault regardless of reality? Both corrupt parties are failures, thank you for pointing that out more clearly Ginny. Barack Obama has already completely agreed with the Bush admin on the Georgia situation and that is very dangerous for our future. Georgia was wrong to invade South Ossetia and Abkhazia in an effort to squelch their desire for independence. The Ossetians are sick of people that speak a different language and have a different culture ruling them. Why does Obama support the continued oppression of Ossetians and Abkhazians just like Bush, instead of supporting their desire for freedom? Because Obama is running for Bush’ third term just like McCain is. Obama failed his first test of foreign policy judgment by taking the exact same position as Bush. We should be scolding the Georgians as much as the Russians and supporting the people of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in their effort for self rule. I’d suggest you look outside the Rs and Ds for any hope of change any time soon. Obama is gonna win Illinois at least 60-40 without others on the ballot. Give those others ten percent to send a strong message and Obama still wins 50-40-10. No harm if you buy the lesser of evils argument, BUT a message is sent that will do more to lessen the evil than wasting a vote on a done deal.


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