Hillary in Latin America. Both feet first

When George W. Bush visited South American states in 2005 he left quickly. His stay in Argentina finished a day early when he was anxious “to get the hell out of town.” Hillary Clinton serves Barack Obama and so gets the benefit of the doubt, until that is she starts slagging off Venezuela and President Hugo Chavez. President Lula of Brazil and many other countries all share a healthy scepticism about the US and its interventions in the region and many realise the benefits that socialism brings to the people, notably the poor and dispossessed. Many feel empowered by having leaders who identify with their own communities like Evo Morales in Bolivia as well as Chavez. Clinton’s week long tour took in various countries with an itinary which included getting support from Brazil on Iran (their view – no more sanctions) and healing the split between Britain and Argentina over the Malvinas (???) Oh yes and there was quake struck Chile where communications equipment was taken along to assist.

Honduras. Well,as the article in Venezuelanalysis points out aet least Bush knew what not to say. Hillary again in Buenos Aires spoke about satisfaction with the outcomes of the political process that kept Zelaya out of power. That is not a view which is shared in South America, It is not a view shared by fellow Democrats in the US either, several of whom have written to her that not only was it not non-violent but brutal oppression of opposition continues by those protesting against the removal of the democratically elected Zelaya! Is Hillary raising any of this with President Lobo when they meet?
More about Hilary Clinton’s tour from South American reporters.

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