Help for Haiti

Haitians don’t want the politisation of help they receive but at the same time wish to acknowledge who has been involved. The political process has certainly been at work in the western media questioning the role of near neighbours, ignoring significant acts of support. This report from Granma serves to illustrate how Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela’ s presence has contributed to international effort.
That Haitians recognised their Cuban doctors is illustrated in the story of the birth of a little one, Fidel, among the chaos.
The record needs to be set straight as some of those helping in Haiti have their own struggles to improve education and health in their own populations. UNESCO have reported on the success of Venezuela’s efforts to improve education there for example. Chavez has announced that Venezuela is writing off Haiti’s debt saying that it was not Venezuela in debt to Haiti, but Venzuela owed a historic debt to Haiti when Toussaint L’Ouverture overthrew colonial rule. The question remains, will others follow to take a huge burden off Haiti?

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