Guantanamo Bay Mark 2

After all the hype and fuss about Guantanamo closing you’d think there would be second thoughts on secret prisons. What a stupid thing to think. We hear that the new “shock and awe” tactic to deal with the Taliban is to “win hearts and minds”. ‘Tis shock and awe you feel when you see your family lying dead and mutilated. Are you impressed as I assume you are supposed to be by this obscene language and strategy? Hm. It’s certainly shocking.
The first thing to do is to kill a dozen or so civilians. Another good ploy is to kidnap suspects so that everyone is sending our search parties for them and send them away to a secret location. No not Guantanamo Bay but somewhere inside Afghanistan. For goodness sake!
The once notorious Bagram prison has cleaned up its act according to the article in the Nation. The dirty work of torture, which continues, goes on elsewhere. No Bush in sight now but the man Obama who promised us the longed for change and hope. Don’t look for it here.

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