Aha President Sarkozy is going to Haiti

The former French colony of Haiti was a jewel in the crown of French colonial rule until 1804 when Toussaint L’Ouverture led the rebellion that defeated the Napoleonic forces. The cost to the French was enormous. Now, with the promise of a visit from President Sarkozy, there is a cautious welcome back because some would prefer French intervention to that of the USA which has invaded 3 times now and helped install the hated Duvaliers who creamed off the country’s wealth leaving destitution in their wake. The President will have reconstruction plans under his arm.
i seriously doubt, given the background, that M Sarkozy will see things in the same light as Naomi Klein. Writing in The Nation magazine she makes the case that it is Haiti that is owed money and the former and present colonial powers are in debt to them. More likely the time is seen as ripe to return to ways of harnessing a people made desperate by the impositions of despotic rulers placed there to ensure they don’t follow Cuba and others into the socialism now taking hold to the south of the USA.

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