News blackout on Gaza broken

The Guardian has written about George Galloway MP being deported from Egypt. And by the way something has been/is going on in Gaza.
According to an e-mail from a friend, Zarina, a bit more is going on like bombing raids have been resumed, although the Palestinians have also resumed rocket attacks on the Israeli border area. She writes:
“As Israeli F16s attack northern, Western, Southern and Middle Gaza
tonight, doing extensive damage, the Palestinians of Gaza are, once again,
terrorized by American bombs and Israeli genocidal policies. Viva
Palestina is still there, and the Gaza Freedom March has just finished.
For those of us, Palestinian, International and Israel who are
continuously outraged, we can still make our voices heard. Watch this
and see what happened around the world on December 31, 2009 as
Supporters marched on December 31, 2009 and January 1, 2010 to demand of
their governments, “Break the siege on Gaza, let them live in peace and
The famous song you hear, Va pensiero by Giuseppe Verdi was first
performed in 1842 when the Northern part of Italy was under the thumb of
the Austrian empire, occupied as Palestine is today. It is a song about
the plight of the Jews as they are assaulted, conquered, and subsequently
exiled from their homeland by the Babylonian King Nabucco
The song has become a plaintive cry for freedom for all occupied people
and is dedicated to the Palestinian fight for justice, from the Occupied
West Bank to besieged Gaza.
Watch for the Free Gaza announcement of a flotilla of boats to go to Gaza
in the spring.”


The New York Times gave a report from Cairo as did Haaretz.

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