Cadbury’s and ethics

Doesn’t matter how good your ethical credentials are it seems when it comes to the possibility of a takeover, however hostile it might be. Cadburys are trying to hold off Kraft although shareholders are not likely to give a stuff. It’s the cash what matters. According to the Guardian “Cadbury chief executive Todd Stitzer believes a deal with Hershey would be a better cultural fit for the company than one with Kraft.”
Todd Stitzer? Who is he? Is he English? Cadburys is a name which is as English as you can get and has a reputation for social concerns from the time it constructed the Bourneville estate providing a good quality of housing and environment for its workers and others in the community. Associations with the Quakers continues.
Also engaged in the battle is John Cadbury’s great great granddaughter, Felicity Loudon, who with her Basset Hound Wee Wee is making a case for the “manufacturers of plastic cheese” to be prevented from succeeding in its bid.
Today emphasis is put on Fair Trade although looking a early advertisements Cadburys were never immune from colonialism.

Whatever Kraft do they will be hard put to come up with the ads.

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