Election in Honduras. Problem solved?

An election in Honduras has brought a new player into power as neither the acting president Micheletti or the previously elected leader Zelaya were on the ballot paper. To the western world the “democratic” ballot has provided a way out so they can now recognise the new set up. At one time the Obama administration had offered support for the reinstatement of Zelaya. A low key Honduran delegation to the US found they were unable to make it stick in spite of previous assurances from Hilary Clinton. In stark contrast Latin American states forging a new way forward do not accept the outcome.
The earlier coup had been watched with concern as the report from Venezuela shows with many identifying with Zelaya’s supporters. They remembered the attempted coup of 2002 which had tried to move Hugo Chavez from office.
In Honduras an unprecedented turn out of over 60% is reported but so are irregularities in the election process, including claims of violence against supporters of Zelaya who they continue to believe is rightfully president, as does Zelaya himself.
The question remains will socialism eventually come to Honduras as it has to many other states in the region. They have put into place programmes in which health and education have reached far more, particularly dispossessed indigenous peoples,


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