If this can happen in California…

California it is assumed is America yet the economic crisis has brought it low with poverty stricken citizens queuing for health care from mobile clinics. As the home of Hollywood, manufacturer of “the American Dream” it is supposed to epitomise the Capitalist success which is emulated everywhere. The ratings of the former film star governor it is said “would make George W. Bush blush”.
As with the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans the internal poverty within the seemingly wealthiest of nations is astounding. Compare this with health care and general concern for well being of the population in those much poorer countries such as Cuba where health care and education is a priority for everyone. This is being translated into the emerging socialist nations of Latin America long dominated by wealthy European elites with the support of the United States and European nations with whom they are connected.

Ir seems whatever lessons there are in the self-defeating nature of Capitalism that it is still expected that will come up with a solution. It is manifestly evident it cannot, and those adhering to it will not do so. Democracy has come to mean in the west that those who have the means, or the luck, are entitled to grab the money and run with impunity. The general well-being of the community is not an issue as those without the control of finances lose jobs, pensions and increasingly the public services upon which so many have to depend.
The whole idea of pub;ic service has been turned on its head first by Thatcher and then son of Thatcher, Blair and his acolytes. Blair of course has joined the ranks of those able to grab the wealth and run off. Commitment to equality and justice is nowhere ins spite of protestations of holiness. Peace in the Middle East appears to be sidelined to ambition and the legacy of wars is still to be answered. He and others like him appear well-protected but chinks are appearing in the armour.

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