Colombia and human rights

While concern has been expressed about US bases proliferating in Colombia giving rise to concerns in neighbouring countries like Venezuela it has to be said that President Uribe is not getting things all his way from President Obama. Uribe wanted to alter the constitution to gain further time in office to which Obama replied that if two terms were good enough for the US then that was good enough for Colombia. Obama went on to show concern for human rights abuses: extra judicial executions and curtailment of unions for example.
The Union of South American nations (UNASUR) has been holding meetings and giving presidents of countries such as Bolivia support as they seek to free themselves of US domination. Noam Chomsky has written an article speaking of the significance of this.

As Chomsky has pointed out what is happening in Latin America is of considerable (“historical”) significance. For the first time country after country is throwing off the domination of their northern neighbour who supported the European elites characterised by abuse of human rights and the oppression, including genocide of indigenous peoples.

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