Chavez on tour

Hugo Chavez’ tour of Arab nations has received little notice in the western press. Channel 4 mentioned he was in Libya at their anniversary celebrations but treating it as a huge joke. Here was a line up of the preposterous, noting the presence with Mugabe. The Al Jazeera correspondent seemed alone. Her report is of interest in my view. Clearly the Arab world does not dismiss what is happening in South American countries. Chavez is taken seriously because of his opposition to Israel’s behaviour towards the Palestinians.
The news channel Russia Today also gave extensive coverage to Chavez treating him with rather more respect than the western press. Chavez spoke with sincerity making points such as as a socialist he wanted to see equality between women and men which he felt was not happening as it should.

Venezuela’s efforts to wipe out illiteracy from people dispossessed for generations cannot be dismissed as a joke, nor health reforms. Hardly as big a joke as the world of Capitalism desperately bailing out their wealthiest, the very people who created mayhem.

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