Blackwater as the truth emerges

Two articles in the Nation magazine bring to light details of the involvement of Blackwater. and its founder Erik Prince, in Iraq. Prince it appears had his own agenda and conducted what amounted to a crusade against Iraqi people. In these accounts truth emerges stranger than fiction and is an indictment of the US administration using private concerns to conduct their own battles. The articles show how Prince was involved in the cover up of illegal activities such as smuggling arms into Iraq using his private aircraft.
A second article goes into the background under the title “Blackwater or Murder Incorporated?”

Blackwater, or Xe as it is now known raises again the issue of the privatisation of war. It is not just a matter of governments hiring security companies for protection of personnel. The issues raised are clearly fundamental and wide ranging. Erik Prince has a personal hatred of Muslims it seems but this seems to stem from his own fundamentalist Christian beliefs which will have accorded with those involved in the former US administration. The whole matter of the US, Britain particularly getting involved in Iraq stems from a view of Islam, and regrettably this is being replicated in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia.
Extra. How military contracts are awarded.

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