What passes for politics

“Oh, sugar” takes on a new dimension as reality tv gets confused with the real world of government. What is real? The economic crisis for sure with the poorest paying the price on every level.
Just in Birmingham as the BNP reach new levels of influence Birmingham Racial Attacks Monitoring Unit (BRAMU) has its funding cut. Just as more and more people need support for their mental health the day centres supposed to do just that are closed. Did the victims of racism or joblessness, housing repossessions, loss of pension rights create the mess?
At the same time the banks, the business world, free enterprise continue as if nothing has happened. Their pensions and perks are untouched. Reality tv which puts across questionable values and levels of behaviour is exchanged for real. Putting the fox into the hen house is the solution to all our problems as in 1929. The system has been left to produce itself with the tax payer left to foot the bill.
It’s not the rich that pay the taxes. They dodge off to the nearest tax haven saving themselves billions, denying the state (us) an income. They get support from New Labour as well as the Tories. We are told we can expect a government under the wealthy public school boy Cameron. So that will be alright then. What about the other alternative. The Liberal Democrats have enabled the Tories to rule in Birmingham and so have supported what I described above. They’ve done the same in Wolverhampton. No point in going there then. A Socialist alternative? Tomorrow Compass meet to discuss a left agenda. But how far left? Will Capitalism still be left intact? Looks that way!

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