What does RBS stand for?

RBS “Robbery By Stealth”; “Royal Bollocks Society”; Rotten Banking System”. Send me your answers! That its can happen that extraordinary sums of money continue to be paid to individuals whether they deliver or not shows a system out of control. Now it seems that huge payouts are sanctioned by government itself which is supposed to have taken control using our money to do it!!! Unbelievable. Will RBS react to the sound and fury which has erupted in all quarters. Seems Fred the Shred finally acceded to a curtailment of his remuneration, so how will he cope? Seems to me he’s still getting a very ample reward for his outstanding lack of judgment which led to the virtual wrecking of the institution for which he was responsible. Nice job if you can get it. Right said Fred.
Those employees of RBS losing their jobs will know the reality. The class system is fully operation. Those who have the power to control the Capitalist system and those whose dispensable labour is used as and when.

Is the Government in control? Looks as if it is controlled by the financial system whether it is New Labour or Tory. Lib-Dem? No sign it would be any different, certainly from their record of power sharing on Wolverhampton and Birmingham councils. Craven opportunism is the name of their game. One of those involved in the construction of New Labour and clearly a lover of the financiers – the Lord Mandelson – has now wormed his way into one of the most powerful positions of government. Anyone watching while the Telegraph’s game of trivial pursuit is played out to the nation? Two British fascists elected to Europe – the Telegraph itself acknowledged who was standing to gain most from the game it played.