Bang ’em up and make a profit

The idea that essential services and commodities should provide profits to providers predictatably comes to grief every time. We have inefficient, expensive, fragmented rail and bus services, the post office is up for grabs (the profitable bit that is) and the jail service has more projected private contracts. Why? The evidence according to a report in The Independent shows that privately run prisons are performing worse than those that are run by the state – presumably on a low budget.
Even Mandelson is having to draw back a little from his Post Office plans. He has put them on hold it seems but what this Machiavellian schemer is up to is anyone’s guess. He certainly seems to have manoeuvered himself into considerable power, probably more than Brown. Don’t forget he went back with TB’s blessing and Brown has remained encircled by Blair’s vampire brigade, like Blears whose poisoned fangs became exposed after she was nobbled for fiddling. Strange isn’t it that Mandelson was always the one in the news for his lavish tastes and dealings yet this time there seems to be silence while everyone else is being caned! I think the Telegraph has taken our eye off the ball.

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