The SLP has announced that they will be standing a full slate of candidates in the forthcoming European elections being held on 4th June 2009. All nine regions in England plus the Scotland and Wales regions will be contested.
The EU is a capitalist club that makes it easier for the multinational companies to exploit workers throughout its member states. Factories are uprooted from one country to another in pursuit of the cheapest labour, without any social responsibility being accepted towards the devastated communities they are leaving behind.
Moreover, EU directives on privatisation are destroying Britain’s health, education and postal services and now there is no part of the economy safe from the hands of the privateers.
The Socialist Labour Party is totally committed to complete withdrawal from the European Union. However, the SLP recognises that the EU is but one instrument of capitalist rule; therefore what is ultimately needed is a genuine socialist alternative to the vast array of problems that workers and their families are facing today.
The SLP is the only party that is offering such an alternative.
Opposing the European Union is part of the Socialist Labour Party’s internationalist outlook. We want Britain to come out of Europe and into the world, developing and expanding trading links with the rest of the world.
Only by coming out of the EU can we begin to put things right economically and socially.
Vote us in to get us out!
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There will be six candidates in the West Midlands, including myself. Prior to 1992 I was involved in campaigning against the idea of a “Fortress Europe” which was covertly being set up under treaties such as that worked out at Schengen. The EU has been described as an exclusive club in which multinational businesses can thrive by moving capital and labour around to suit their purposes, but at the expense of people and communities who lose jobs when employers decide they can get their labour cheap somewhere else.
While those living in the EU can move about freely (although Britain and Ireland maintained their border controls) those on the outside trying to get in can find themselves in difficulties. As the report above on the Schengen Treaty says many would-be migrants have lost their lives in attempts to find work or escape persecution. There have also been reports about EU agreements affecting other countries and the livelihood of their people.
The Socialist Labour Party has well-established links with other countries inside and out of Europe not least through its leader, Arthur Scargill, and links with mining unions. During the Miners’ Strike there were expressions of solidarity and considerable financial support sent from many countries and those links have endured to now. So the Socialist Labour Party is well placed to work with socialist and trades unionists who share th SLP agenda.

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