Israel takes water from Palestinians

That Israel holds the key to water for both itself and Palestinian territories has been known about long since, but now an official report says so. What Palestinians end up with is saline and increasingly polluted. The supply to Palestine is below humanitarian levels.
What ever happens it seems that members of the European Union are intent on continuing to progress Israel’s links with the European Union. Avigdor Liebermann, a far-right member of the Israeli parliament, has been wined and dined in European countries, including a reception by Brown in the UK.
This all fits with the European Unions priorities of developing free-market capitalism at any price. The one or two dissenting countries are labelled “a problem”. This is just another reason for dismantling this elitist club which operates for the benefits of multinational corporations while introducing policies that are harmful to the world outside.

Israel has long had identity problems as commentators have said “do Israelis know here they are?” They joined in with Eurovision for the appalling “Song Contest” years ago and clearly have contempt for all who share and surround their tiny living space. Barrack Obama has told Israel to stop even the smallest incursion into Palestinian land by settlers. How far this will hold would seem doubtful particularly with the hawkish government now in power.

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