Fidel notices something is happening in the U.S.

Fidel Castro has noted that there have been steps taken towards relations with Cuba. what is interesting is that they lead him into his series of “reflections” giving him the opportunity to put it into a personal context. This to me is both fascinating and revealing.
The writings includes comments on incidents relating to himself. He talks about an accident in Santa Clara in 2006 and then falling gravely ill. However the reflections are pin sharp comments on what is going on linked back to significant historical events with a personal gloss.
Granma also pays close attention to what is happening in Latin America. Here I learned about Morales going on hunger strike in Bolivia in order to draw aention to opponents in parliament trying to block crucial reforms to the constitution and upcoming elections.

While on Bolivia other sources report attempts to plot an assassination of Morales. The U.S. has denied any involvement

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