The dimensions of the Palestinian question

Any settlement of a peace process in Israel and Palestine has to take into account the question of Palestinian refugees. The Guardian report has thrown light onto a group displaced from Iraq who are now camped on the Syrian border. No one wants them so they are further displaced. Meanwhile well-heeled Zionists from U.S. and elsewhere have no problem in moving onto land seized from Palestinians and pressing for security by building a wall around the Palestinians creating prison camps for them.

Refugee camps are distributed across the region and it is difficult to see how there can ever be an enduring peace while the huge number of displaced people is allowed to go on. Western governments still prefer to continue with the “war on terror” in spite of admissions that it has been more counterproductive than a solution to dealing with extremism. The conditions people are having to endure apart from the grotesque aggression of the extremist Israeli state is surely the root cause of world-wide problems.

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