Obama and the bankers

Judging by the photographs of those who lined up to face President Obama, President Lula of Brazil was right when he said he didn’t know any black bankers. No women either in the line up of grey men (with or without blue eyes).
The problem is Obama is depending on them to sort out the mess they created. At the same time the poorest financially are being asked to pay – again. Already scarce savings have been put at risk by the white men in grey suits who have speculated with it. And some have Madoff with it just like Bernie. He and his mates are still not in prison but there again that is a place for the poor who once there can’t offer to buy themselves out.
Obama pointed out the anger felt by ordinary people with the banking system. He pointed to the furniture and carpets in the White House to the assembled smart suits, showing the stains accumulated by George W. to illustrate his point about excesses by example. Whether they will be chastened and listen is another matter. Bonus payments seem to have continued regardless of whose money is being used supposedly to save the economic system. As I have said the foxes are in the hen house.

While Obama is trying to shore up an ailing capitalism in the northern hemisphere, the southern section is taking other steps to create unity as the presidents of Equador and Paraguay pledge to strengthen ties between them and the region.

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