How many troops suffer from mental illness. MOD don’t know and care less

I suppose we have moved on from the situation in World War 1 when troops traumatised by their experience were shot for cowardice. Today we know about all that, at least I thought so. However its seems that the MoD has no idea of the effects. We send people to war not as individuals but they are, as ever, regarded as “cannon fodder”. Now the MoD says it has no idea how many of its troops are affected by trauma as a result of their experience of conflict.
There was an outcry when military hospitals were closed and the severely wounded were transferred to Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham. While it seems conditions have improved following an outcry it is unclear what continuing support people who have sacrificed (for what clear purpose?) and their families will be able to get.

If we don’t know and don’t care about our own troops then how much do we care about anyone else. Failed asylum seekers can tell us, that is if they survive their return. One sent back to Darfur had hardly got off the plane when he was executed after being followed back to his home.

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