Argentina forges stronger links with Cuba

The determination to throw aside U.S. imperialism in Latin America is demonstrated by the strengthening of relations between Argentina and Cuba. This follows the recent visit of the Argentine President to Cuba:
“The presence of Cristina Fern├índez in Cuba was more than a protocol and friendly visit; it was an occasion to re-instigate – on new foundations and within a framework of Latin America integration and cooperation – the close ties of mutual benefit and respect that should characterize the sister countries of the Americas, bonds that imperial greed have tried to break throughout history with the aim of imposing its interests of exploitation and plunder.”Source Granma 24/3/2009.

Clearly progress is being made in bringing health and education across the region with Cuba helping with the supply of doctors and teachers. Bolivia is pressing on with its programme of eliminating illiteracy as a means of liberation.
However the new administration in the U.S. is not about to give up its attempts at control of countries in its backyard as the continuation of sanctions on Cuba remains in place after a vote in the U.S. congress, although with some modification.

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