America’s back yard. A new beginning?

What looks like the long promised changes sought by Barack Obama don’t seem to turn out that way. Afghanistan, Palestine even Iraq. Now signals are being made to Cuba with the supposed intention of improving U.S. image in Latin America.
“Latin America, once considered Washington’s “backyard”, has become newly assertive and ended the Castro government’s pariah status. The presidents of Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Guatemala have recently visited Havana to deepen economic and political ties. Brazil’s president, Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva, is expected to tell Obama on a White House visit this week that the region views the US embargo as anachronistic and vindictive. Easing it would help mend Washington’s strained relations with the “pink tide” of leftist governments.” Source Observer 8/3/2009.

Fidel Castro continues his “reminiscences” which shed light on Latin America and some key players he has met. This seems to me to be an invaluable source of information about the underlying issues affecting the region now. Clearly Castro’s mind is as lively as ever even if the years are affecting his physical strength.
The President of Honduras has been speaking about the difficulties created by the economic crisis and the need for the countries following a Bolivarian revolutionary path to combat inequalities and tackle illiteracy to work together under the association, ALBA.

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