A 25th anniversary: Scargill v Thatcher

25 years on and the weary untruths are emerging into daylight. The mythology that surrounded the miners’ heroic struggle and the brute force of the state can be examined now as those who took part speak.
Britain’s dependency on outside sources of energy brought about by pit closures has become blatantly apparent. Chances of reviving deep pits becomes more remote as the skills and know how diminishes. Meanwhile supplies of imported coal, far dirtier than that under our feet, is burned regardless. Norman Tebbit now sees the excesses of Thatcher in closing pits as a cause of the lack of cohesion in our sosciety today.

Arthur’s Army.
As for mining today it seems that deep pits can re-open as is happening in South Wales. A number of apprectices are looking forward to carry on a family tradition in preference to desk bound jobs.

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