“Still poor, but we feel different”

This is Bolivia under Evo Morales, while peasant farmers are no better off materially they feel differently: that they are the equals of anyone in society. However the rich and former political elite don’t share that view.
Fidel Castro met with the elected socialist leader of Chile, Michelle Bachelet. This is another country with a long history of exploitation and interference from imperialist powers which has turned a corner for the majority of oppressed indigenous people. Education, literacy, health care has been achieved from the nationalisation of oil and other valuable commodities hitherto syphoned off for the benefits of the international Capitalists.
Meanwhile in Caracas Hugo Chavez has managed to turn the tide by winning a referendum allowing him to buy time to consolidate real socialist achievement affecting the poor and dispossessed

As the Washington Post points out (18/2/2009) the revolutions of South America are the result of Spanish scholars writing new constitutions for the emerging socialist states. The pen is replacing armed struggle with Equador given as another example.

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